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IRL, an e-Learning material on Neutron Activation Analysis(NAA) and Outreach Program
Name : 관리자 | Date : 2017.03.02 01:39 | Views : 1186

IRL, an e-learning Material on Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) and Outreach Program

Meeting the challenge of bringing nuclear and radiation concepts to today’s online-based and gadget-savvy populace, the four-year regional IAEA Technical Cooperation Project RAS/0075 “Networking for Nuclear Education, Training, and Outreach Programmes in Nuclear Science and Technology in the Framework of ANENT,” was initiated. With the view of promoting the utilization of nuclear science and the project, the project sets out to enhance institutional capacity-building in Asia and the Pacific region through strengthening the education, training and outreach programmes.

At the planning meeting held in Vienna, Austria from 9-13 May 2016, 15 participants from 13 countries, sharing a commitment to the objectives of the project, discussed and agreed on the activities and action plans to be carried out for 2016-2017. Among the most notable priorities include the establishment of an Internet Reactor Laboratory (IRL) in the region which will be supported by IAEA’s Research Reactors (RRs) Cross-Cutting Group. Another activity on top of the list is the implementation of outreach programs geared toward the promotion of the benefits and utilization of nuclear energy.

Building on the good practices established by Europe (France) and Latin America (Argentina), the proposed IRL in the region will allow the control rooms of research reactors to be visually linked via internet to classrooms for interactive experiments and discussions on reactor physics. It will serve as an effective tool for studying the operation of research reactors, which are valuable sources of neutrons. The concept will also meet the development of new e-learning modules for neutron activation analysis (NAA). NAA is an advanced nuclear technique for qualitative and quantitative determination of elements based on the measurement of characteristic radiation from radionuclides formed by neutron irradiation of the material.

The project also couples the development of interactive materials with the equally important task of reaching out to the local community, especially educational establishments for the secondary level students. This outreach program aims to impart and make understood the basic knowledge on nuclear science and technology to students, parents and teachers, as well as the awareness of its potential and safety, both of which are central to research and development on nuclear energy.

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