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IAEA International Atomic 
Energy Agency

IAEA NKM International Atomic Energy 
Agency Nuclear Knowledge Management

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Activity 1 : Web-Portal and Regional LMS

  • Operate, maintain and update the ANENT Web-Portal
  • Manage and operate the Regional LMS to support all ANENT e-Learning activities
    • Republic of Korea (leading country), ALL

Activity 2 : E-Learning Material Development

  • e-Resources development
  • Prepare e-Training course 
  • Prepare link to IAEA website
    • Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Syria, Australia, Thailand

Activity 3 : IAEA TC Project Management

  • Communication with IAEA TC
  • Technical Preparation on IRR
  • Communication with RCA and ARASIA
  • Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan

Activity 4 : Liaison and Communication

  • Input Data in Integrated Database
  • Develop of ANENT booklet(6 pages of A5)
  • Create Annual Activity Report(Newsletter)
  • Communication/cooperation with ANSN, FNCA, INSEN, RCA, ARASIA and other similar networks in Asia
  • Australia, Korea, Lebanon, Thailand

Activity 5 : Logical Framework Approach

  • Member Countries to send the tables of SKIP, SWOT, and Stakeholder Analysis
  • Revise the Problem and Object Trees
    • Syria, All