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ANENT Country Representative

ANENT is a partnership of the IAEA Member States in the Asia and the Pacific region. A person, officially nominated by the national authority, shall be the ANENT Country Representative and has a function to coordinate the ANENT activities among the ANENT members in the country.

The Country Representative shall be the member of the ANENT Coordination Committee.

Institutional Arrangement and Membership

Any institution which is directly and actively engaged in nuclear education and training in the Asia and the Pacific region may apply for membership to the Country Representative. The ANENT members may be academic institutions, training centres, research institutes, governmental entities and other organizations. A new member is informed to the ANENT Scientific Secretary and presented to the Coordination Committee meeting.

Organizations from outside the region or international organizations may contribute to ANENT as collaborating members, by an official letter to the ANENT Scientific Secretary.

Coordination Committee and ANENT Spokesperson

Coordination Committee meetings are held once per year to review activities and develop future plan. The Country Representative or one alternative person designated by the national authority is expected to participate in the Coordination Committee meeting to represent each ANENT member country. Collaborating members shall be observers.

The Coordination Committee appoints a Chairperson who also has a role of an ANENT spokesperson from the Country Representatives. A Vice Chairperson is appointed to assist the Chairperson, when needed. The Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson serve at least one year until the next Coordination Committee meeting and can be renewed one more year

  • Chairperson : Ms Supitcha Chanyotha, Thailand
  • Vice Chairperson
    1. Ms. Ana Elena Lopo Conjares, Philippines 
    2.  Ms. Rola Bou Khozam, Lebanon
  • ANENT Spokesperson : Mr Mincheol Park
    - Position : Team leader, Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation
    - Address : Daedukdaero 989-111, Yuseong-Gu, Daejeon 34057 Republic of Korea
    - e-mail : mcpark@konicof.or.kr
    - Tel : 82-42-867-0173 / Fax : 82-42-867-0171 .

ANENT Scientific Secretary

The IAEA will serve as the Scientific Secretary and focal point to convene Coordination Committee meetings and to report on the overall implementation of ANENT.

ANENT Scientific Secretary
Ms. Keiko Hanamitsu
International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna International Centre, PO Box 100 1400 Vienna, Austria
Tel : +43 1 2600 24232
Email : K.Hanamitsu@iaea.org

Coordinating of ANENT Activities

On the operational level, ANENT activities are implemented by some groups of participating institutions under the leadership of the ANENT members, who are appointed by and presented to the Coordination Committee.

Currently five Activities are defines.